AREIX, your AI-powered financial assistant

AREIX helps you to manage your personal finance and spending effortlessly using artificial intelligence and behavioural economics on your smartphone. AREIX is all you need to take control of your financial destiny.

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1/f Lion Rock 72, Innocentre
Tat Che Road, Kowloon Tong, HK
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Meet AREIX -
Tackle your financial goals made easy.

Make right financial decisions with advanced analytics

Am I on a good track of my saving target?

AREIX visualises your net worth forecast, enables you to budget and invest with optimised efficiency

Am I using the right products?

Identify the credit card that generates the highest rewards with your past expense. Maximise the reward from every single penny you spend.

Am I staying on top of the latest investment trend?

From robo-advisors to crypto accounts, we identifies the most trendy investment platform and products with the best offer – all in AREIX Marketplace

We are serious about your privacy and security.

AREIX never underestimate the importance of user privacy and security. While making personal financial management convenient and hassle-free, we are doing all that is required to make your experience as secure as possible.



1/F Lion Rock 72, Innocentre,

Tat Chee Road, Kowloon Tong,

Kowloon, Hong Kong

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