We work to safeguard everyone’s financial future with our Digital Robo-Assistant Technologies

Equipped with patented mechanisms and powerful AI & machine learning technologies, we implements end-to-end wealth solutions tailored to the everyday financial needs of our customer.

Goal Fulfilment, Budgeting and Investment all in one revolutionary Robo-Assistant

With user insights and product design at the centre of our process, AREIX has created a powerful and intuitive platform that delivers a better wealth management experience with the software agility of a tech company.

Transform the way you manage
your finances with AREIX

Flexible Global Asset Allocation

Manage assets, portfolio and investments
across multi-markets.

One-stop Platform

Make data-driven decisions on Goal,
Budget, Invest. All in one platform

Thematic and seasoned product innovation

Product innovation made possible with
on-chain data and digital assets.

The Smarter Financial Future
Starts Here


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Developer Hub

The AREIX Developer Hub is designed to enable co-creation and flexibility to realise a more sustainable wealth management process. AREIX believes that creating the right R&D environment for people to collaborate and innovate results in amazing achievements.

Access exclusive opportunities to join networking events, bootcamps and competitions with other developers in the wealth management sector.

Join AlphaGen

Join the bandwagon with other professional developers and ace the finance and investment goals.

Data Intellegence Bootcademy

Wanting to become an indispensable talent with data science fluency in the future? We proudly present out data bootcademy with the support fro various partners in the industry.

Crypto Portfolio Challenge

Eager to step into the crypto world? Dare to challenge yourself? Come and Participate in the crypto market with numerous traders, speclators and investors.

Trade Model Portal

Be inspired by the trading strategies and models from our in-house modellers here.

On-Chain Data Analytics

Be curious in exploring the on-chain data? Be interested in understanding web3, dApp and cryptos in a quantitative and analytical way? Sign up and join the community.

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