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21-Day Investment Challenge

HK – Exclusive Launch
Task Validity Period: 23/08/2021 00:00:00 HKT – 22/09/2021 23:59:59 HKT (30 day)

Kick-start your investment journey in 21 days
Earn a maximum of 178 $REIX by:
Complete 4 tasks per day;
Simulated stock trading challenge

The more $REIX you earn,
the higher chance to share

the winner pool of HK$20,000

#Tasks will be in native Cantonese only.


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Task 1: Investment knowledge booster

Want to invest your money
but don’t know where to begin with?
Here’s the ultimate guide for Investment 101
in 21 IG and blog posts

Answer 1 multiple-choice question per day

Correct answer = 1 $REIX
(Total = 21 $REIX)

Task 2: AREIX App navigator

Puzzled to find out the
right investment products for you?
AREIX Robo-Assistant is here to serve!

Follow the instruction & look for
the relevant function in AREIX App
Click 1 correct function per day

Correct click = 1 $REIX
(Total = 21 $REIX)

Task 3: Sharp tools make good work

Building investment knowledge is one thing,
Know and learn the investment tool available
is equally important

Day 1-6: Step-by-step guide for
mastering demo trading for trading challenge
Day 7-12: “Cheat sheet” for account offer hunt
Gain up to $5,000!
Day 13-21: AREIX app master guide

Read article = 1 $REIX
(Total = 21 $REIX)

Task 4: Action speaks louder than words

Hesitate to make your first investment
because the fear of losing money?
Apply the investment knowledge you learnt
to simulated investment account

Day 7-21: Start to invest with the
designated simulated trading account

Top 5: Gain 10 tokens
6-50: Gain 5 tokens
51-200: Gain 4 tokens
201-500: Gain 3 tokens
501-1000: Gain 2 tokens
1000 and so on: Gain 1 token

The rank is determined by the final P/L (Total). If the P/L (Total) are the same, The winner will be the one with lesser total trades frequency (Trades Total).

^ Ranking and $REIX will be released on the 24th September

Task 5: We are here to listen

Dissatisfied with the financial services
available in the market?

Your opinion is highly appreciated
for AREIX Robo-Assistant

Answer questionnaire = 1 $REIX
(Total = 21 $REIX)

How to win $20,000 prize pool?

^ Winners must be subscribed AREIX App users
^ Subscription fees in the first 3 months will be
fully refunded in the 4th month

Hunting $REIX? Hunt in pair!

Feel alone in your investment journey?
That’s why you need a saving buddy

Invite a friend to play the challenge together
enter your referral code, both of you will gain

Buddy bonus = $REIX x 2

^Double bonus is only valid for your
acquired token from completed tasks