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Data In Action

Imagine Deriving Actionable Intelligence From Wealth Management Data Analytics & Open Banking API!
The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) has declared 7 initiatives to create a “smart banking” system in Hong Kong. Combined with Open API, virtual banks and the FPS System, Hong Kong is transforming into a new smart banking playing field.
While FinTech gains momentum, the demand for Data Scientists still outstrips supply. It is for this reason that the Areix Data Intelligence Bootcadamy is brought to life.
At AREIX’s Bootcadamy, every single detail in our programmes is carefully crafted and meticulously designed to deliver a seamless and integrated learning experience just for you. Our participants will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to acquire, clean, structure, analyse and visualise data from diverse source when answering complex financial and wealth management problems.



Contextualised And Customised For You

• Well-designed programmes curated by SAS® Certified Data Scientist, SAS® Certified Big Data Professional, SAS® Certified Professional for AI & Machine Learning, University of Oxford Engineering Science & Deep Learning PhD graduate and various University professors from Computer Science Department
• Tailored learning experience so what you’ll learn is relevant and applicable to meet your specific needs

Hone Your Technical Skills

• Harness modern data analytics methodology & data storytelling
• Unearth data scientist’s toolbox, cloud computing, container & APIs
• Get specialised training from mentors and take that next important step in your professional development

Exposure To Real-World Data Practice

• Experiential learning in data science
• Leverage alternative data on:
Sentiment analysis | Returns forecasting & backtesting | Risk management | Block-box model interpretation

Build Meaningful Connections

• Engage and grow with our engaging community of program alumni, working data scientists, like-minded peers, and data experts across various fields
• Form valuable network and source of support for your future endeavours in the field


1. local undergraduate and graduate students
2. passionate to data science, ML & AI
3. eager to explore a career in programming & WealthTech
4. basic knowledge in python, cloud & API is a plus

Programme Structure

This 8-week programme will be conducted either online or on-site depending on the COVID-19 situation in Hong Kong. Technical sessions will take place once a week at night while the Welcome Session and Demo Day will be held on the weekends, taking approximately about half-day.

Week 1

Kick Off & Welcome Session

Week 2 - 4

Technical Sessions

Week 5

Mid-Programme Evaluation

Week 6 - 7

Technical Sessions

Week 8

Demo Day & Closing Ceremony

Week 9 & beyond

Advance on your data innovation journey as a part of AREIX WealthX community

Application Process

Submit Application
Application Deadline:

30th Sep 2020

Talk To An Officer
Scheduled Video Interview:

3rd & 4th Oct 2020

Announce Results
Notification of successful applicants:

7th Oct 2020

Welcome Onboard
welcome session:

10th Oct 2020

Need help or have any queries about the programme?

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