AREIX, your AI-powered financial assistant

AREIX helps you to manage your personal finance and spending effortlessly using artificial intelligence and behavioural economics on your smartphone. AREIX is all you need to take control of your financial destiny.

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From strategy to execution, our offerings with innovative thinking, scientific design, sophisticated development, and ongoing analysis
ensure we’re delivering value and maximising impact to help you grow.

We design

Digital Experience Design Solutions

AREIX team efficiently tailors smart digital experience solutions like UXI design, and video animations, etc for your enterprise. When capturing your ideas into reality and exceptional experiences, we never fail to marry the needs of your customers and your business goals together.

We develop

AREIX Product White Labels

Drawing from data sources and predictive analytics, AREIX can be the cognitive assistant for your enterprise that delivers unparalleled capabilities. Simply apply AREIX app models to your business, and be amazed by how its unique programming and algorithms can help generate new business value.

We consult

AI & Data Science Consulting

AREIX team establishes a data pipeline and provides actionable insights and results that can be directly used in your enterprise’s operations.Take advantage of AREIX expertise — machine learning, big data, deep learning toolsets, to address key challenges and to accelerate optimum growth.


AREIX team delivers transformative AI, data science and digital expertise to companies and organizations, resulting in measurable business benefits. With our gradually growing market experience, we know what it takes to successfully deploy use cases of these fields across a variety of industries.

Crystal International Group Limited

Apparel-manufacturing giant Crystal Group was looking for a digital solution that would better present their advanced production line. We corresponded effectively and came up with a specially customised video animation that fully enhances the viewer experience.

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Our goal in working with you is to deliver a comprehensive AREIX experience. That's why we bring a skilled team to the table to execute. That's why innovation and consultation are ingrained in how we start projects.

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AREIX helps integrate strategy, design and technology to help you keep pace with customer demand, scale business for growth, and deliver ongoing ROI.

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