AREIX, your AI-powered financial assistant

AREIX helps you to manage your personal finance and spending effortlessly using artificial intelligence and behavioural economics on your smartphone. AREIX is all you need to take control of your financial destiny.

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Can achieving financial goals be easier
through one single app?


Manage your finances and reach your financial goals,
with no hassle — all in one app.

Tackle your financial dreams made easy —
Not just another Robo-assistant

Imagine having a AI personal robo-assistant that reach out to you right in the moment—instantaneously learning from you and advising you financially—with a tap of your finger. AREIX reimagines traditional robo-advisor and personal finance management, empowering you to make informed financial decisions through AI. In short, it’s smart spending and timely finance management with just your phone.


AREIX is designed for you.

We are the missing piece in your personal financial management.
Access Instantly

Get a quick snapshot of your finances across different accounts in one app

Spend wiser

Make smarter decisions with AI-powered and individualised budgeting and product marketplace

Get notified

Discover valuable insights of your financial story and health, including your spending habits

Be Aware

Discover valuable insights of your financial story and health, including your spending habits

Save More

Enjoy greater savings with unlocked financial milestones and AX Rewards coins

Achieve Goals

Stay committed to good financial habits and secure your financial future fuss-free

66% reduced weekly expenses by 12%!

Here's how we nailed it.
Highly-automated Cash Flow Analysis
A powerful tool for making great decisions about the direction of your financial decision toward the goals you want to achieve.
Easy Expense Tracking and Analysis
Say no more to tedious excel expense report. AREIX breaks down your expense in an intuitive way, freeing you for more important things in life.
Individualised Product Backtesting
A consistent practice based on individual user analytics to help you in evaluating the products in our marketplace.
Robust Portfolio Optimisation
Powered by cross-account analytics and AI capabilities, Areix optimisation science makes real-time portfolio monitoring and evaluating more productive for you.
Preeminent Intelligent Budgeting
Quickly syncs up, calculates and organises your finances based on your financial behaviour analysed and goals set. It's even better when you can see your projected daily balance!
Bonus AX Rewards System
Beat your procrastination with AREIX! Unlock financial achievements and incentivise your good financial habits through attractive coupon redemption with AREIX coins.

Recognising some of our excellence

We are proud to share the highlights of our excellence and innovation, but we are even more delighted to be recognized.

We are serious about your privacy and security.

AREIX never underestimate the importance of user privacy and security. While making personal financial management convenient and hassle-free, we are doing all that is required to make your experience as secure as possible.