AREIX, your AI-powered financial assistant

AREIX helps you to manage your personal finance and spending effortlessly using artificial intelligence and behavioural economics on your smartphone. AREIX is all you need to take control of your financial destiny.

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  • To remove complexity and anxiety of personal finance management

    Janus allows the public, even investors, to manage money efficiently and quickly. Our powerful and efficient features work like simple ones, doing away with headaches involved in financial calculations and reports analysis.


  • To achieve bigger ideas with fewer words

    Janus helps people realize financial goals in a simple yet approachable way. We accomplish your targets with crisp simplicity.

  • To be humanoid

    Janus devotes itself fully in managing people’s finances. We put ourselves into your shoes and solve your problems in humanistic ways.

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Staying on a good saving trend with no hassles


  • Plan wisely on allocating your money 
  • Make smarter financial decisions with AI-powered and customised budgeting
  • Maintain proper financial habits fuss-free


  • Achieve goals about your money 
  • Set achievable goals with AI-powered and customised budgeting
  • Reach your financial goals on time with smart budgeting and an actionable plan


  • Hunt for the best personalised offerings with your money 
  • Acquaint yourself with the right investment tools that fit your styleUnderstand the risk and impact on your cash flow with backtesting and simulation

Save to Earn

  • Achieve your goals and reward yourself with $REIX 
  • The more goal you achieve, the more token you receive
  • Stake $REIX token to win lucky draw of AREIX split of revenue

Janus Beta

Smart Brokerage

We provide backtesting and AI models for users to invest with manageable risks. Pre-set measures like trade strategies plug in and exit strategy setup are established to safeguard users stepping into the crypto world.

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