Everything is in safe hands

Privacy & security is an integral part of our product and services because we highly value your trust and confidence in us. AREIX adhere to the highest level of professional ethical responsibility and obligations to protect your privacy and security.

Data Privacy

AREIX complies to GDPR for handling personal data. Personal information and passwords are stored only in safe, encrypted storage. Your financial account information is in a read-only mode to us and we will not be able to initiate payments or manipulate your account in any other way.


Yes, AREIX uses the same gold standard (AES256) used by the US government to encrypt the sensitive data. These data are well-mantained in our secure cloud environment. We even add additional levels of security with roles-control, biometric and two-factor authentication to help manage risks and prevent unauthorised access.

System Assurance

The ISO27001 certificate validates that AREIX has implemented internationally recognised information security controls for its system frameworks. Hence, when data travels between our server and your phone, or we download your transactions from your bank, effective organisational and technical security controls are in full operation.